Update: 1/7/2021

Good Afternoon,

There has been a confirmed positive COVID case in one staff member at The Gardens of Fountain Way.  This staff member last worked on 1/6/21. We completed our required all staff testing this week and had just the one confirmed positive case. We will be testing all residents this week, and will complete a second round of tests on all staff and residents next week as well.

I have reported the positive result to the Menasha Health Department as required.  The Menasha Health Department has evaluated the exposure risk for The Gardens of Fountain Way staff and residents. We are taking all safety measures as directed by the Menasha Health Department. 

In the meantime, residents and staff will continue to be closely monitored for symptoms and steps taken if needed for their care.  All scheduled outside visits will need to stop until such time as we are cleared by the Menasha Health Department from this exposure. 

Thank you for your patience, care and understanding.

Tanya Clark, Manager
The Gardens of Fountain Way