Monthly Archives: May 2020

Update 05-12-2020

At present none of our three locations, Oakridge Gardens, GardenView or the Gardens of Fountain Way have any positive cases of COVID 19. We continue diligent screening of all staff and residents. We have undertaken a number of readiness activities and continue apace in order that we are prepared to deal with a positive case.

As many may know, the State has made testing kits available in order that we may test all staff and residents. This is a good start to helping us manage the virus in our communities. Hopefully it won’t be the last. Testing a wide group of people in a setting like ours is called a Point-prevalence survey (PPS). It is meant to take a global look at a setting. PPS are used in healthcare facilities to identify the number of people with a disease or condition at a specific point in time. A PPS is a snapshot that identifies who might have been exposed to a specific infectious disease, regardless of who is exhibiting symptoms at that time.  Our aim is to understand our COVID state, specifically looking to identify the asymptomatic positive we hear so often about. We will be conducting roughly 238 tests.

We will be conducting our COVID 19 PPS next week, beginning on May 18, 2020. We have a significant number of residents and staff to test so this will take a few days to complete. Testing results will take at least 48 hours to return, dependent on the volume at the State lab and will be returned in the order they are submitted over the several days we will be testing. We will of course, keep everyone appraised of our results.

Thank you for your continued support as we work through this ever-evolving journey to defeat this virus.