A brief update March 27, 2020

There have been many changes in just a short time because of the COVID 19 virus. What has not changed is the understanding and cooperation we have received from all of our staff, residents and families in what is uncharted territory for our entire society. Much has been asked of all of you and you have given your best.

We remain committed to ensuring our residents and staff remain healthy. We continue to see many changes and new rules from Federal, State and now local government. This presents an obvious challenge in that we have to reconcile all of them almost on a daily basis. Sometimes they say slightly different things about the same subject. That’s inevitable I suppose, we are all doing our best to make the right decisions with the information at hand.

Visitation remains as “essential” only. We have no indication it might be possible to relax this policy, but you can be sure we will celebrate that day together when it does come. We continue to screen all staff and residents on a daily basis, following CDC guidelines for health care. The Safer At Home Act is new for all of us, but our staff, vendors and support agencies are all considered essential so there will be no interruptions in availability. While this act may be difficult for some to comply with, it is a bold and necessary step to stop the spread of this virus and I thank our Governor for his actions.

More changes and challenges are sure to come to all of us, both in the facility and out in the community.

I close by offering a prayer that I received from our friends at Shepherds Care ministry related to the current crisis, I keep it on my desk: I pray the residents and care givers can be spared any overwhelming impacts and God will hasten the day when they can be fully accessible again.

Thank you

Mike Schanke – President

A Message from the Administrator:

On March 12, 2020 we began the process of limiting visitors.

As part of Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation and Memory Center, GardenView Assisted Living and The Garden of Fountain Way Assisted Living’s commitment to residents and staff, along with our efforts to protect them from illnesses that have started to occur outside of our campus, we are limiting all visitors, guests, and volunteers. We politely ask that you not visit at this time. Please postpone your visits to our facilities until further notice.

Individuals who are not part of our staff or involved with EMS, emergency services or continuity of care will not be allowed to come into the building at the present time. In very limited situations, visitors will be allowed to enter after being screened by a nurse. Screened visitors will still only have limited access to designated areas of the building. Presently we are asking that non-essential visits be postponed. Any visitor under the age of 18 will not be allowed, per State instructions, regardless of the circumstances.

We are adhering to the guidance and requirements of the U.S. Department of Health Services-Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the State of Wisconsin for those skilled and assisted living facilities. We ask for the understanding and patience of our residents, families, friends, and visitors as we implement these best practices in order to protect the safety and health of all the residents and staff to the very best of our capabilities. Please contact us with any questions. We will post periodic updates as circumstances dictate.

Visiting Hours are Mon-Friday 8AM to 5PM for essential visits only. Weekends no visiting unless essential and have called ahead please.