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Oakridge Gardens is fully sponsoring C.N.A. classes. Please contact 920-739-0111 for more information. Classes start in November and December!

3 New Natural Treatments for Dementia

If you or a loved one suffer from dementia, then you will be happy to hear that medical researchers are constantly conducting studies that look for new prevention strategies, treatments and even cures for the disease. While no cure yet been found, researchers are often successful in their quest for new treatments that help control the symptoms of dementia and/or keep the disease from progressing as rapidly.
While many medications help control dementia symptoms, there are also many dementia treatments that help improve the lives of dementia sufferers naturally. Read on to learn about three new dementia treatments that can help improve the lives of those who suffer from dementia without the need for additional medications.

Personalized Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy: A Great Treatment for Early-Stage Dementia

While there are many types of psychological therapy that can help improve the symptoms of dementia, a recent research study described in an article on ScienceDaily’s website put a specific type of dementia therapy called personalized cognitive rehabilitation therapy to the test. The study, led by the University of Exeter, revealed that the therapy can help early-stage dementia sufferers function more independently.
The therapy begins with a psychological counselor, a dementia patient and a patient caregiver identifying three improvements they would like to make in the life of the dementia sufferer. The therapist then works with the patient to help them meet their unique goals.
Participants in the research study who had just 10 therapy sessions over the course of a three-month period of time were found to have made "significant" improvements in the areas of life they and their caregiver wanted to improve.

Cognitive Training Game: Offering a Fun Way for Early-stage Dementia Sufferers to Improve Their Memories

Another natural dementia treatment described on ScienceDaily’s website involves the use of computer games. A group of medical researchers recently teamed up with software developers to create a game app for computer tablets called "Game Show," designed to help early-stage dementia sufferers improve their memories.
They then had a group of early-stage dementia sufferers play the game just eight times during a one-month period, with each game session lasting one hour. The players then received an episodic memory test. Episodic memory is important for performing many everyday tasks, such as remembering where objects are located after they are moved.
The early-stage dementia sufferers showed a remarkable 40 percent improvement in their test scores, compared to their scores on the test before they began playing the game.

Personalized Music Therapy: Reduces Disruptive Behaviors and Anxiety in Many Dementia Sufferers

Music therapy is already an integral part of the memory care program at several nursing homes, including Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation & Memory Center GardenView, LLC, due to the many ways it helps improve the lives of dementia sufferers.
However, according to an article on MedicalNewsToday’s website, a recent research study conducted by the Brown University School of Public Health revealed just how successful personalized music therapy can be at controlling many of the symptoms people in all stages of dementia may experience.
The study compared senior care centers that integrated personalized music therapy into their dementia treatment programs to those that did not. Many of the seniors in the facilities that added the music therapy to their dementia treatment programs showed remarkable improvements in eliminating many of their disruptive behaviors.
In addition, many seniors in the centers that introduced the music therapy program were able to reduce their need for some medications, including anti-anxiety medications, after the music therapy program was integrated.
If you have been diagnosed with early-stage dementia or have a loved one who suffers from a more advanced form of the disease, then realize that while many medications are useful for controlling the symptoms of dementia, there are many other forms of effective dementia therapy as well.
Contact the staff at Oakridge Gardens Rehabilitation & Memory Center GardenView, LLC for more information about natural dementia treatments or to seek help for your loved one who suffer from dementia.